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Our People

JTB Global Travel Service employees a team of dedicated Hawaiian tour professionals.

Our multilingual team consists of native English, Chinese and Korean language speakers that wish to share their skills and expert knowledge of Hawaii with the world. JTB GTS staff regularly inspects hotels, tours, restaurants and venues in Hawaii to continually build on knowledge to be able to provide accurate and up to date information to our clients.

No tour is too big or too small for our team and it’s the experience and know-how and attention to detail that makes JTB GTS the tour operator of choice for tour planning and travel arrangements in Hawaii.

JTB GTS President

Hiroyuki Kitagawa
     Hiroyuki Kitagawa
     JTB Global Travel Service, LLC

Mr. Kitagawa started working in the tourism industry since 1986 and joined JTB in 2003.  He became General Manager of the Fukuoka Sales office in 2009, and then transferred to JTB International Canada LTD in 2011 as Vice President. In 2003, he became President & CEO of JTBI Canada.  Mr. Kitagawa is President of JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC and Vice President of JTB Hawaii, Inc. As of January 1st, 2017, he is also assigned as President of JTB Global Travel Service.