Sunday, November 17 2019 @ 02:35 HST

Dining Program

JTB GTS Dining Arrangements

Selecting a restaurant and menu can be difficult at the best of times, and with so many great restaurants and menus to choose from it can be quite time consuming for the average traveler to make a decision, and of course there is always the inevitable doubt that there could be better choices out there.

To assist with this JTB GTS has established a dining program for a wide variety of restaurants that meet our high quality standards. JTB GTS has worked closely with restaurant management and chefs to create menus that appeal to international travelers tastes and budgets. 

After choosing the desired dining option available in English, Chinese and Korean languages and purchasing from JTB GTS, clients are issued a coupon that is passed to the restaurant on arrival. The restaurant instantly knows the content of the desired menu and all taxes and gratuities are included in the coupon price so there is no anxiousness over how much the server should be tipped.

JTB GTS guests often comment on just how convenient our dining program is, they can just relax and experience the tastes of Hawaii.